Cylinder Liners

Types of Cylinder Liners

Dry Liners

Dry cylinder liners are among the basic piston protectors. Dry liners are much thinner than their counterpart, wet liners. They do not interact with the engine coolant but instead provide a very close fit with the jacket in the cylinder block to protect the piston from heat and impurities.

Wet Liners

Wet liners are supported within the cylinder block and a partial outer body of the cylinder liner is in constant touch with coolant. These are of high quality when it comes to wear service life and heat dissipation.

Air Cooled (Finned Type) Liners

Finned cylinder liners are constructed with heat and impurity-resistant metal. This type of liner is designed for the air-cooled engine and in operation works much like the dry cylinder liner in which the cooling medium for the motor is air. However these liners are fitted with tiny fins which allow the inflowing air to draw with great force around the cylinder to provide cooling.